Hello! Thanks for checking out the Priest Family Legacy!

Please note: There will be swears, non-explicit sexual reference, and potentially reference to recreational drug and alcohol use in this legacy. Please read with caution if any of those things are of concern. 

This will be a partially Pinstar compliant legacy. Traits will be randomized, and there will be no money cheats for legacy members. It is story focused,  and I’ll be writing about a few different people, not just focused on one.

Click on the picture just below to go to the chapter list, and below that you’ll find the succession laws. Happy reading!

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Succession Laws

Gender Law: Equality – The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.
Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional – To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.
Heir Law: Democracy – The heir is chosen by your viewers/readers from among the pool of eligible heirs. (If there are not enough votes, the youngest will be the next heir).
Species Law: Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status.