Camilla · Derek · Generation One

1.01 – Leaving the Nest


06-11-16_11-38-59 PM

“I just can’t believe you’re going to do this to her. She’s your daughter for Watcher’s sake!”

“Camilla, don’t start.”

“I’m not a child, Derek. Don’t speak to me like one.”

“The decision has been made. We’re not talking about it anymore.”

“That’s not how it works.”

“Camilla! This conversation is over!”

06-11-16_11-39-23 PM

I wish I could say that I was surprised when my husband stormed away. He’d always been a hot-head. The fact that our daughter was in the middle of this argument made it all the worse. She’d always been closer to me than him, but I never thought he’d force her out of the house before she was ready.

06-11-16_11-43-24 PM.png

I should’ve known when he had the old kids’ room renovated into a gym. He’d told me that there was still the bedroom downstairs – but I failed to realize that I’d start resenting Derek throughout this whole thing. Being in the same room as him was not on my list of things I’d like to do.

I stared out at the abyss beyond the edge of our land. I’d gotten used to the seclusion of the house. When Derek had first bought the property on the island and decided we were going to move out of the city, I’d nearly killed him.”It’ll be good for us.” He said. “Good for the kids to grow up outside of the bustle.” He told me. In retrospect, it wasn’t a terrible decision – but we just had to go into the city every time we needed anything. Derek loves it though.

I glanced up as I hear the familiar sound of tires on the gravel trail up to our property. It was too late to be anyone other than Arizona. I almost wanted to pretend I didn’t notice. The conversation we’d be having this evening was not one I was looking forward to. Especially since I hadn’t seen her in months. She’d gone on a graduation trip with her classmates. Road trip across America. And now she was coming home to a place that wasn’t home anymore.

06-11-16_11-45-43 PM.png

“Goodness, Momma, you scared me!”

I smiled and swept her into a hug. “Sorry baby, I heard your car roll in, wanted to surprise you.” She laughed, returning the hug.

“That’s okay. I didn’t think you’d wait up for me.”

“Your father and I have to talk to you, why don’t you come sit with me.”

06-11-16_11-49-30 PM.png

“So how was your trip, sweet pea? Did you have a good time?”

“Oh it was wonderful! So many amazing things to see! I think you and Daddy would really like some of the places we went. You would love the lights of Las Vegas!”

“Maybe one day you can take us there. Show us around.”

“Sure! Just tell me when! Now that I’m done school I have lots of time.”

06-11-16_11-49-46 PM

I couldn’t help the face I made. Arizona’s face dropped in return.

“What’s wrong, Momma?”

“You’ll have to let your father talk to you about that, hun. I think he’s upstairs if you want to go see him.”

“Why can’t you just tell me?”

06-11-16_11-49-42 PM

“It’s up to Daddy, baby. I’m sorry.”

My heart broke as I watched her stand up angrily and hurry upstairs to see Derek. I wish I could’ve just kept talking to her about her trip, her friends, anything other than the fact that her Dad was about to kick her out of the house.


06-11-16_11-50-48 PM

“Hi sweet pea, I’ve missed you.”

I wrapped Arizona up in my arms with a smile. I’d missed her. Camilla has obviously decided that is not the case, but she just doesn’t understand. Avery moved out at sixteen and is doing just fine. We’re babying Arizona. She needs to leave the nest, fend for herself, get out into the world. Especially without my wallet financing it. Her road trip was the last thing coming out of my wallet.

“Momma said you had to talk to me about something. She seemed upset. Wouldn’t talk to me about it though.”

I rolled my eyes. Of course Camilla had already mentioned it. Why would she let me do it on my own terms with my own daughter. She always had to meddle.

06-11-16_11-51-38 PM.png

“Well sweet pea, I’ve renovated your room….” I trailed off. This was not as easy as I’d imagined it being. Not when my little angel was looking me right in the eye.

06-11-16_11-51-51 PM

“That’s great Daddy! Thank you! Why is everyone so worried about that?”

“No, baby, it’s a gym now. It’s not your room anymore.”

06-11-16_11-52-01 PM

“What do you mean it’s not my room? I’m home now. Of course it’s my room.”

“Arizona. I’m kicking you out. I need you to live on your own. Pay your own way. You can’t keep living here and having me look after you. You’re an adult now.”

06-11-16_11-52-02 PM

“Daddy! How could you do this to me? I’ve never had a job before, how am I supposed to live on my own!”

“Avery has been on his own for years – you can do it too. I’ll give you a loan to get started, but you’ll have to pay me back once you get on your feet.”

“I hate you Daddy, I hate you!”

I watched with a sigh as my sweet girl stormed out of the house, tears flowing freely. Had I made the right decision? Had I just ruined my daughter’s life? I straightened up and got ready for bed. This was the decision I had made, I needed to stick with it.

A/N: Well, here we are! This is an introduction to my new legacy. It won’t really be an “official” legacy, but I won’t be using money cheats, and traits will be randomized. I’m not going to focus on only one sim either, there will be a couple people that I follow, inspired by the wonderful Thoreau Legacy, which has been one of my favourites to read.

Anyways, hope you enjoy reading along!


11 thoughts on “1.01 – Leaving the Nest

  1. Great start! And color me flattered! I’m so glad you’ve been inspired to start your own story.


  2. I’m trying to decide if Arizona is a spoiled brat or if her father is being overly harsh. Guess I’ll have to wait for the next chapter to find out! Nice start.


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