Camilla · Generation One

1.06 – Lonely

Derek is leaving me.

06-12-16_12-02-16 AM.png

He told me I could keep the house, the money, everything. He was just going to buy himself a little cottage in the woods, and I could have whatever was left. As if I want this property. As if I want to live in the middle of nowhere on my own. I don’t care how big this house is.

06-18-16_9-03-28 AM.png

I don’t know why he’d do this to me.

We’re practically in the grave. What’s the point in separating now? We could’ve just lived in opposite parts of the house. We basically did anyways.

He said I was causing him stress. That it wasn’t worth it anymore. I’m not worth it anymore. What does that even mean – I’m not worth it. Ridiculous.

06-18-16_9-01-19 AM.png

06-18-16_9-01-27 AM.png

06-18-16_9-01-25 AM

I guess I’m just going to sell the house. Maybe I can have Arizona move back in with me. Just buy a condo downtown again. That’s where I was happiest anyways. Have actual people around again. Whatever. Not having Derek around will be a blessing.

Ever since Arizona he’s been so grumpy all the time. I think she helped handle his temper. Every time I looked at him the wrong way, yelling. Buy something, yelling. Give the maid a tip, yelling. Buy a glass of wine at dinner, scowling.

I know I’m not perfect… but I never thought he hated me this much.

06-18-16_9-02-24 AM.png

06-18-16_9-02-43 AM



A/N: Much shorter chapter today, but I really didn’t think I could put anyone else’s story in the same one – Camilla needed her own. I’m really trying to work on getting good screenshots, so hopefully you can see that. As always, thanks for reading!


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