Generation One

1.09 – Hey There Delilah

06-25-16_3-59-14 PM

06-25-16_3-59-49 PM.png

06-25-16_4-01-48 PM.png

06-25-16_4-03-21 PM.png

06-25-16_4-03-40 PM.png

06-25-16_4-05-22 PM.png

06-25-16_4-05-29 PM.png

06-25-16_4-13-52 PM

06-25-16_4-13-56 PM

06-25-16_4-17-43 PM

06-25-16_4-17-36 PM


A/N: Nooboo! I’m so excited. I want to age her up right away so bad, but I can’t. Also Arizona is really good at making crazy eyes. Also, not sure if you’ll really be able to tell, but I moved them into the little starter house I’d built instead of the Maxis made one. It was just more personalized and I like it a lot better. Necessary for this growing family! Hope you’re enjoying ready along!



11 thoughts on “1.09 – Hey There Delilah

  1. Yay nooboo! Love the name. I would have been singing the song anyway even if you hadn’t given it that title. Can’t wait to see more of the new house. Also, looks like at least one of Dominic’s daughters has reconciled with him? Isn’t that her in the background of one of the pictures? I can’t remember how to spell her name. LOL

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    1. Haha. Sibohan! Yeah, she showed up in the middle of the night after the baby was born. Kind of weird, but we’ll go with it! There isn’t much to see of the house yet, but I think by the time it’s featured heavily in any screenshots, it’ll be a little nicer. 😉 Thanks for reading!

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