Anastasia · Generation One

1.11 – Dinner Out

“I can’t believe you said that!”

07-05-16_6-05-17 PM.png

“And then he just goes, ‘Well I guess I’ll take my business elsewhere!’ So I’m like, well we definitely won’t miss you, and he gives me the finger and walks out!” Avery was incredibly animated as he recalled his interaction with a customer at work, hands waving in the air as he laughed.

“What did your boss say?”

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“Well he’s pissed, obviously, but then he pulls me into his office. And he’s like ‘You know, he’s one of our most reliable customers’ so I’m thinking I’m gonna get fired, right, I’m so done.” He paused, smile not leaving his face for a second. “And then he gives me a promotion! Says the guy’s an asshole and always has been. That no one had the balls to stand up to him.”

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“Oh my God babe that’s amazing!” He beamed at me from across the table. He’d been at this job for almost three years, and hadn’t gotten a promotion yet. I knew how much it’d bothered him. It was basically all we ever talked about.

“That’s why I’m taking you out to a nice dinner tonight. You don’t have to take care of me.”

07-05-16_5-51-30 PM

“Hon, you know I never think I’m taking care of you. We take care of each other.” The fact that I lived on my own in a house with bedrooms the size of his entire apartment weighed heavily on him.

“Well, regardless, dinner is my treat tonight. Whatever suits your fancy.” He looked dapper in his vest. He’d dragged it out from the back of his closet. I’m pretty sure it was his father’s. Not fitted quite right to his broad shoulders.

“You look nice tonight.”

He touched my hand gently. “Thank you. You look beautiful as always.”

07-05-16_5-56-50 PM

I don’t know how we even ended up together. I mean, I know I’d convinced him to come home with me. I guess I was just that good. He stayed the night, we had breakfast together, then went out for coffee together, he took me back to his place to show me around town… We ended up spending an entire weekend together, and it was really nice.

“Not exactly the one night stand you thought it’d be?”

I glanced back at him with a smile.

“No, I guess not. You?”

He shook his head, glancing back down at the menu.

07-05-16_5-50-07 PM

“Are you going to call Arizona? It’s almost Delilah’s first birthday…” I trailed off as his eyes went cold. “I’m just saying, Avy, it wouldn’t kill you.”

07-05-16_5-55-43 PM

I’d gotten back in contact with Arizona shortly after I’d started seeing Avery. It just seemed like the natural progression of things. She’d been happy for a friend her age. Basically everyone had stopped talking to her after the baby – not to mention what happened with her parents… and her father. Avery was not happy with me. He can’t get over the fact that she’d made herself happy with a man who’d been married when they met – let alone the fact that she’d gotten pregnant and was happy about it.

“Why do you have to bring it up at dinner?”

“She’s your niece, Avery – I just figure it’d be good for you to see her, she’s adorable. I really think she’d change your mind about everything. It’s been a year.”

“Is Dominic still there?”

“Of course he is, Avery. They’re happy together.”

“I’m not going.”

07-05-16_6-05-13 PM

There was a long beat of silence before the waiter arrived at their table to take their orders.

07-05-16_5-58-38 PM

“I know you think it’s normal, but it’s not, it’s weird. I’d appreciate if you didn’t bring it up again.” Avery whispered at me as soon as the waiter walked away. “I know she’s your friend. But I’m not going to budge.”

I sighed, trying not to roll my eyes. So stubborn. But after a moment, I pushed a smile to my face and changed the subject.

07-05-16_5-55-38 PM

“So I was thinking…”

A/N: Sorry, few days late! I have lots written, but I hardly ever have time to screenshot! Plus, screenshots are stressful for me as they’re never quite what I want. Another dialogue heavy chapter here, hope you don’t mind it.

I hope you like Anastasia – she’s absolutely one of my favourite sims I’ve ever created. (So pretty!). And I think she and Avery are nice together.  As always, thanks for reading!


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      1. She certainly is beautiful! Maybe just a few more chapters to win me over lol. I think other stories I read have made me suspicious of everyone now LOL.

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