Avery · Generation One

1.16 – Uncle Avy

I finally agreed to go out with Arizona again.

After Dad died, it was really tough. I wasn’t really expecting it to hit me as hard as it did. I was really depressed. I think it just reminded me how quickly life passes. How little I’ve actually accomplished in my life. Still living in my crappy apartment.I have a girlfriend – a long term girlfriend, which I suppose would’ve surprised Dad. But we don’t live together yet. I stay at her place more often than she stays at mine… Her house is a palace compared to my little shack. She swears she doesn’t mind… but it’s hard to believe.

07-25-16_4-44-03 PM.png

07-25-16_4-44-07 PM.png

Anyways, I decided I’d mend the bridges. Or at least try. I didn’t have very high hopes, honestly, but I promised Anastasia I’d try. I mean, it’d been a long time. Things must’ve changed.


07-25-16_4-18-22 PM.png

07-25-16_4-18-40 PM.png

I glanced up to see a little girl barreling towards me. I glanced around quickly. Was she coming for me? Where did she come from? Finally I noticed Arizona trailing behind her, a small smile on her face. She waved to me before the little girl jumped at me.


I smiled at her and bent down so I could meet her eye.

07-25-16_4-19-30 PM.png

“Hi Delilah, it’s very nice to meet you. I’ve heard you’re really cool too.” She beamed at me, and I could see Arizona in her features. She stood with me for just a moment before running back to her mom, who was waddling over. She looked nervous.

“Hi Avery. Sorry about her, she was really excited to meet you. Hasn’t stopped talking about it since I told her what we were doing today.”

07-25-16_4-21-25 PM.png

“That’s okay.” I paused, looking Arizona up and down, before looking back to Delilah. “Do you like ice cream?” She nodded at me excitedly and we walked to the counter. “Expecting again?”

07-25-16_4-23-24 PM.png

Arizona flushed bright red as we spoke over Delilah’s head, who was far too excited about the endless ice cream options in front of her to even notice.

“Yeah, about four months along. We haven’t explained it to her yet though. Not sure how she’s going to take it.”

“Mommy! Can I get two scoops?!”

“Indoor voice, sweet pea. How about you just try one first, and if you want some more, you can get another one?” I stayed quiet, feeling awkward at witnessing my little sister be a parent. I wondered if other customers thought we were together.

“Mommmmmmm!!! I want two!” I cringed as the little girl’s voice screeched through the restaurant, placing my order and taking a seat to wait for it.

07-25-16_4-32-06 PM.png

07-25-16_4-32-20 PM.png

“Do not yell at me please.” She paused, shaking her head before her daughter could yell again. “You can have one scoop for now, and if you’d like, you can have another later. Or you can have none, and you can watch me and uncle Avy have ice cream instead, hm?”

07-25-16_4-32-46 PM.png

The little girl pouted a little while longer before pointing out the flavour she’d like and sitting next to me.

“How come you and Mommy don’t talk that much?”

I glanced at Arizona, still standing at the counter, willing her to come over and answer her daughter’s questions.

“Your Mom and I had a pretty big fight a while ago.”

07-25-16_4-27-23 PM.png

07-25-16_4-27-31 PM.png

“And then you didn’t talk for a long time?”

Our ice cream arrived and I relished the moment of peace I had as Delilah dug into it. The scoop was as big as her head.

“Yeah, we didn’t talk for a long time. I thought I was right, so I didn’t want to listen to your mom when she tried to talk to me.”

“That’s not very nice!” I smiled at her.

“No, it’s not. That’s why we’re out today. I wanted to see her.”

“And me too right!”

I laughed, nodding. “Yes, you too.”

Arizona came over and sat with the two of us. “How’s my favourite girl? Talking to uncle Avy?”

07-25-16_4-29-33 PM.png

07-25-16_4-29-32 PM

The little girl laughed and laughed, ice cream covering her face. I couldn’t help but smile. Although I was happy that Arizona didn’t bring Dominic – that was one aspect I still wasn’t comfortable with – I could tell that she was happy. And the little family she created was enough to make me feel like I was missing something.

A big something.

A/N: Ice cream parlor from Drutrubuilder on the gallery. Apologies about the lack of actual ice cream in the screenshots… no matter what I did, the waiter never did bring the food we ordered… Fingers crossed the same happens for baby #2!

A/N2: In the next post (or so – depends on how I format things), there might be some outfit changes. I completely redid my CC library and I haven’t been able to find a few of the things they’d been wearing before. Please pay no mind!

07-25-16_4-33-32 PM.png



7 thoughts on “1.16 – Uncle Avy

  1. I enjoyed this: “Do not yell at me please.” She paused, shaking her head before her daughter could yell again. “You can have one scoop for now, and if you’d like, you can have another later. Or you can have none, and you can watch me and uncle Avy have ice cream instead, hm?”
    I hate when parents bargain with their children to placate them!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Did I miss a chapter or is this the first chapter that Arizona is pregnant? It’s nice she’s mending fences with her brother.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh okay. Whew! I was thinking if I missed a chapter of yours than I might have missed someone elses too!

        Liked by 1 person

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